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Returns and Cancelled Orders. It is your responsibility to check for discrepancies or defects in an order before any alterations are made. Returns must be authorized by Boost Promotional Branding (formerly Sanders Marketing Group)in advance. Claims for returns for defective Goods must be made in accordance with the warranties in Boost's "General Terms & Conditions of Sale". Altered  garments, excluding irregulars, are not returnable. Authorized returns must be accompanied by a return authorization form or number from Boost. Cancelled orders or returns  merchandise must be approved in advance.  Discontinued or close-out items are not returnable. Please contact Boost Customer Service for a return authorization and shipping address.

Warranties, Disclaimer, Limitations on Liability. Boost warrants only that the Goods shall be free from material defects on the delivery date, provided, you store and handle the delivered Goods in such a manner that meets or exceeds the storage and handling procedures utilized by Boost.

You must provide Boost with written notice of any warranty claims no later than thirty (30) days after receipt of the applicable order of Goods. Failure to provide written notice within such 30-day period shall void Boost's warranties in their entirety. As Boost's sole responsibility and liability, and YOUR ONLY AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY for any breach or breaches of such warranties, Boost shall, upon written notice from you, either (at Boost's option) replace the defective portion of the Goods, or accept return thereof and refund the price paid by you for the defective portion. Any misuse, improper handling, storage, use, modification or alteration of the Goods shall void the forgoing warranty. You shall remain entirely responsible for any shipments by you or your company for purposes of returning defective products or packages hereunder to Boost, and all risk of loss or damage during shipment shall be born by you. Boost will pay (or reimburse you) for reasonable shipping and handling charges limited to valid warranty claims.